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Because there could be a half dozen of these great urban reclamation parks across the city, if there were a better support network… There needs to be a holistic view by the city to consider opportunities for this abandoned infrastructure—and innovative uses.” In the meantime, the old North Shore Branch continues to slowly erode, creating a haven for the other species that call New York home. At the western end of the unused sections of the North Shore Branch, the tracks are sunk down into an open-cut trench below the city streets. The train line here has been badly flooded. “A lot of the line is actually in the water now, after Sandy,” says Grillo. The train line here travels beneath several city streets, where the overpasses are used Staten island kitchen remodel as homeless camps, dumping grounds, and local hangouts covered in decades of graffiti. Sofas, chairs, and other pieces of furniture are scattered amongst the debris, creating the feeling of a sunken clubhouse. Footpaths travel along the tracks and into overgrown sections of the trench. Further east, the Port Richmond–Tower Hill viaduct begins to carry the tracks aboveground. Opened in 1937, this mile-long viaduct helped eliminate eight different grade crossings in Port Richmond, where trains once ran at street level, snarling traffic. At Nicholas Avenue, near the western end of the viaduct, the tracks begin to run above the streets and into the residential neighborhood.

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